question-marksI’m stuck.

This isn’t writer’s block as ideas roll around in my head.  I feel writer stuck as in where do I go next in the blogging world?  I don’t have illusions of fame and fortune.  When I started this blog, it kept my creativity flowing, with the added bonus of people liking what I write.   Now I am not sure where to go next.

I have ‘Libraries’ in the subtitle, but I have not written too much about library issues.  As a Library Technician, I may bring a unique perspective to some things.  My Midweek Geekiness, really any ‘Geeking Out’ tag, brings in some traffic, enough to make me consider a weekly Midweek Geekiness blog.  On the other hand, take out Midweek Geekiness and where does that leave the rest of the blog?

After wondering what to do, I decided to do the ultimate in internet vulnerability:

Step 1:  Do a poll on a separate page with room for comments on this  blog.

Step 2:  Submit myself to the Community Pool here on WordPress.

The Community Pool involves asking people to check out your blog for suggestions to improve layout, content, themes etc.  I don’t want to go too niche, but I don’t want to go too broad either.  Between the Community Pool and the poll, it’s a way to moisten my finger, and see where the wind takes me.

One thought on “Stuck

  1. I’ve enjoyed the variety in your blog posts, to date. If you want to draw in the librarians more, then that is the direction you should focus on. If you like the ‘Geeky’ traffic, post more on that. I enjoy your thoughts on writing and blogging. I’ll have to wander over & take the poll, if it hasn’t closed already. 🙂


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