2013 in review

Helper monkeys only come with the best websites.  No surprise WordPress employs such creatures to help put together their annual report.  It's fitting to look over the old year as the new one just turned a little over an hour hold.What will 2014 hold?  I have a few vague ideas to put into action.  For … Continue reading 2013 in review

Forgo the Minutae, Keep an Eye on the Details

It came down as a choice.  Bore people with the minutiae of my recovery, or stay off the blog until I feel a little stronger sitting down. I still can't get back into running yet.  I have some sciatica confining itself to the back of my thigh, plus a few minor spasms.  I can downplay … Continue reading Forgo the Minutae, Keep an Eye on the Details


I'm stuck. This isn't writer's block as ideas roll around in my head.  I feel writer stuck as in where do I go next in the blogging world?  I don't have illusions of fame and fortune.  When I started this blog, it kept my creativity flowing, with the added bonus of people liking what I … Continue reading Stuck

A Comedy of Errors

It's one of those days maturity plays a big role in perspective.  A little while ago, I wrote about my follower count breaking 200.  It looked like a large jump, and I didn't ask myself if it looked a little...strange.  When I previewed a post, I noticed the count plummeted to 23.  Any person, even … Continue reading A Comedy of Errors