A Comedy of Errors

Photo Credit: Capital Report New Mexico Web Page

It’s one of those days maturity plays a big role in perspective.  A little while ago, I wrote about my follower count breaking 200.  It looked like a large jump, and I didn’t ask myself if it looked a little…strange.  When I previewed a post, I noticed the count plummeted to 23.  Any person, even those battle-hardened by the ‘net, would ask themselves Do I suck?  It turned out my blog wasn’t the only one to have this rather interesting problem.  WordPress had a bug in its ‘Publicize’ featured inflating the numbers.  When the cache cleared, the numbers went down to nearly nothing,  I unplugged and re-plugged publicized as instructed, with things now returning to a reasonable number.  In order to get better content-wise, I need an audience.

Bringing us to error numero deux, or duh in my case.

I scheduled a new Midweek Geekiness about The Walking Dead.  Problem:  Entry not quite done yet, and someone I knew very well linked to my post for her entry.  I went back to add a bit more to the post, and simply left it as best I could.  It released, half completed, at 8 am therefore ready for linking.  In the end I had to laugh.

The evolution continues…

4 thoughts on “A Comedy of Errors

  1. Oh, that’s funny! But not your fault for thinking there was a spike in readers… things go viral. Maybe you posted that one thing that got everybody talking.

    But 23 is a good number. I have 5!


    1. Hey, dude, I am realist. People keep up with me for a variety of reasons, and I like the amount of have. After watching what happens when things go viral, I am not too anxious to chase after that kind of fame.

      I leave crap like that to the Kardashians. 😉

      By the way, can I re-blog that entry you made about the internal trial? Call me guilty on all charges, but I also loved the link to the article you had in it.


    1. No, it’s not your fault. It’s mine for scheduling first before finishing the darn thing. (Insert blushy-faced emoticon here.)


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