I’d Rather Watch a Zombie Show Than Go On A Dating Site

Tonight is the night.

Season 3 of The Walking Dead premieres tonight.  To mention crossing my fingers for a successful start is an understatement.  Plus it’s only a show.  People will still take to the message boards to air some sort of displeasure about some part of the show.  Personally, I hope to be both scared and entertained.   The new tag line ‘Fight the Dead, Fear the Living’ pretty much sums up zombies are easy compared to actual, living folks.  It’s good for drama.  It’s also good philosophy in life.

Dating, or the attempt at dating, provides a good example.

I would love to have stories of dates gone wrong.  I don’t even have that.  I tried a number of internet dating sites, each with zero success.  Yes, I have examined if my own expectations are the problem.  I e-mailed guys with interesting profiles, getting no response in return.  On the flip side I had a number of interesting e-mails.  I had one guy wondering if I wanted to be a third in a relationship with his wife.  (Yikes!)  I had a number of monosyllabic chatting conversations.  The pièce de résistance?  Getting insulted by a guy after learning he put me on his list of favourites.  How?  He came right out and propositioned me, implying as a big girl I don’t have that many opportunities.  I couldn’t give him the infamous finger via the computer.  Instead I blocked him.  I took some time to reflect on everything, then deleted my profile.

I’m done.

I have a certain amount of time on earth.  I can spend it waiting for some sort of Prince Charming, or I can live my life.  I choose the latter.  I will start with a small band of survivors shooting zombies.  At least I hope Rick’s group shoot’s some zombies.  Speaking of Rick.  If anyone still wonders if actor Andrew Lincoln looks familiar, he should to a few people.

A few years ago I saw a film called Love, Actually.  The ensemble film had all these interconnected stories, including one about a videographer (Lincolm) filming his best friend’s wedding.  The bride, played by Keira Knightely, thought he didn’t like her.  Well…

Let The Walking Dead connections begin:

2 thoughts on “I’d Rather Watch a Zombie Show Than Go On A Dating Site

  1. As someone in a relationship, I probably shouldn’t be doling out advice on this, but hey…. I spent lots of time as a single girl, too. I hope when you say you are done, you mean with dating sites and not with dating in general. I think it is good you acknowledged that this track wasn’t working out and that you’d rather be happily on your own, enjoying time with friends and zombies, than agonizing over not having a guy. On the other hand, sometimes people just kind of come into your life and it’s also good to be open to the possibilities. And ya, ya, you’re whatever age and it hasn’t happened yet…. but that doesn’t mean it won’t. If it doesn’t, I’m compiling a group of crazy cat ladies to spend my elderly years with. I’ll happily add you to the list! We’re going to buy a condo complex and hire hot young men to do the cleaning and yard work. ;]


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