Addendum: Yesterday’s Walking Dead Post

Yesterday's Walking Dead post came from the seat of my pants, especially the prediction I made at around noon yesterday about Enid. First off, kudos to the writers deciding to get the question out of the way with Glenn's resourcefulness once again saving the say. We also got the guy beloved by viewers, the man … Continue reading Addendum: Yesterday’s Walking Dead Post

An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

This came from a reblog courtesy of the Toronto Public Library's Tumblr, but the original came from a Tumblr belonging to Kate Willaert. I linked to both her home page, with the graphic below linked to its original source. Why? I wanted to get in the mood for next week. While Canada gathers around to … Continue reading An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

Shambling Towards The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead shuffles back for a new season tonight.  After a wild third season, I have to wonder what more can these expanded group of survivors endure.  My guess?  A lot more.  I think Rick did the right thing by allowing the Woodbury refugees into the prison.  The look on Carl's face after he … Continue reading Shambling Towards The Walking Dead Season 4

Midweek Geekiness: Back on Track

Downton Zombie Night **Spoiler Alert in Case I put in Spoilers** For a little while Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead find themselves simultaneously recorded on my PVR.  It pretty much represents my two sides of geekiness.  On one hand we have Downton Abbey in all its period, soapy glory.  I love English costume dramas.  I … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Back on Track

I’d Rather Watch a Zombie Show Than Go On A Dating Site

Tonight is the night. Season 3 of The Walking Dead premieres tonight.  To mention crossing my fingers for a successful start is an understatement.  Plus it's only a show.  People will still take to the message boards to air some sort of displeasure about some part of the show.  Personally, I hope to be both … Continue reading I’d Rather Watch a Zombie Show Than Go On A Dating Site

Midweek Geekiness: The Zombiefied Edition

The clever people behind Winnipeg's Zombie Walk scheduled the 2012 edition for October 13th.  That's one day before The Walking Dead premieres its third season.  (I have a funny feeling a number of zombie walks will happen on that day.)  Participants bring a non-perishable food item for Winnipeg Harvest, with a killer after party at … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: The Zombiefied Edition

Midweek Geekiness: Walking Dead Wrap Up Edition

Too many thoughts wandering around in my head concerning The Walking Dead.  I decided to make like Otis and corral them into one place once and for all. By the way, this post contains spoilers ergo if you have not watched the season finale then don't read any further .  Ditto for those not even … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Walking Dead Wrap Up Edition

Walking Dead finds its Guvnor…er…Governor

I watched The Walking Dead since it started then read some early issues of the comic.  One well-known character from the series is only known as 'The Governor".  He's a sadistic leader, rules with an iron fist, and can make a survivor wish for an old-fashioned zombie sighting.  Ever since season one, people wondered who … Continue reading Walking Dead finds its Guvnor…er…Governor

Boys, Girls, and Walkers

Last night on The Walking Dead, Rick and Shane dukes it over who shall lead the group.  It reminded me of nature shows like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom or anything on The Discover Channel.  Basically two males of a given group, let's just call this a pack, fight it out for supremacy and for … Continue reading Boys, Girls, and Walkers