Addendum: Yesterday’s Walking Dead Post

Yesterday’s Walking Dead post came from the seat of my pants, especially the prediction I made at around noon yesterday about Enid. First off, kudos to the writers deciding to get the question out of the way with Glenn’s resourcefulness once again saving the say. We also got the guy beloved by viewers, the man never giving up on anyone with attention now paid to Enid.

Olivia, the town quartermaster, can handle supplies, but not a teenage girl. I would like Michonne or Carol to assume guardianship. I would also like Daryl to hone her survival skills. Seriously, the man would be impressed by her knack for just surviving somehow. Perhaps in a small way Enid can heal the broken heart after Beth’s death. Didn’t Glenn say we honour the dead by living?

Next week we watch as all hell breaks lose. Will out intrepid band survive? Who will bite the biscuit? Only Scott Gimple and company know and they ain’t tellin’


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