An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

This came from a reblog courtesy of the Toronto Public Library’s Tumblr, but the original came from a Tumblr belonging to Kate Willaert. I linked to both her home page, with the graphic below linked to its original source.


I wanted to get in the mood for next week. While Canada gathers around to celebrate Thanksgiving, the new season of The Walking Dead will come on. I already made plans to see it Thanksgiving Monday with my regular viewing partner. We swap information, tidbits, and usually I manage to nose out a few things from interviews, or other publications. When we last left our not-so-merry band of survivors (*spoiler alert*) they manage to reunite, find a few new allies, and discover Terminus really means ‘those to arrive can expect to get eaten’ At least that’s the going theory from people familiar with the comics. No matter the viewpoint, Rick’s people are up a creek and this time Mr. Grimes will have

Viewers know it’s close to show time if Netflix has put up the previous season. I have to applaud AMC, and the way it builds its shows. Unlike most networks, they embrace people streaming, plus they pace themselves yet generously put episodes into Netflix in due time. My fingers remained crossed Halt and Catch Fire will find an audience once people binge the episodes before new ones premiere next summer.

Most people like to play fantasy football or enter a hockey pool. I play armchair network executive. I objectively assess decisions in an unemotional manner as possible. Although emotion and objectivity pretty much converge knowing AMC breaks during November and returns with 8 more episodes in February. This stands in stark contrast to a certain boneheaded cable channel with delusions they are the next HBO.

Rant happening in 3,2,1…

Yes, I am looking at you Starz. After finishing Outlander on a high note, instead of coming back in February as the temperatures cool and Sam Heughan heats things up, they decide to come back in April. APRIL 1015! Way to kill momentum people. Showcase, the channel showing Outlander in Canada, gets special runner up status for showing the episodes way behind their counterpart. Nothing like allowing people to happily download to their heart’s content before the internet kills them with anticipation.

Sorry for the rant. Have a look at the infographic to stoke the excitement for The Walk Dead’s return.

Genre of the Dead: When Zombies Infect Popular Culture

2 thoughts on “An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

  1. Yeah, when the delay is that severe, they are almost asking for piracy. That was how I felt about the international editions of Spooks.


    1. I remember when Spooks aka MI-5 started on A&E, back when they actually had arts and entertainment. PBS to their credit are getting the message. They just have to do what SPACE here in Canada already does with Dr.Who-broadcast at the same time. They buy the content why not get bang for their buck by doing it right in the first place.


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