Missing My Zombies

I realize keeping geeky things to just Midweek Geekiness will not happen. It's another reason I like goals not rigid resolutions. If things don't work out, then I remain flexible to change. I think flexibility will benefit me in a zombie apocalypse. I will not pine for the way things used to be, and simply embrace things … Continue reading Missing My Zombies

The Outlandish Sunday of The Walking Dead

After Thanksgiving with the family, I headed over to S's place to watch the season première of The Walking Dead. It's safe to say what I will say next, and it applies to Outlander, will contain spoilers for both shows. Why write about both? On one hand, it represents two sides of my tastes. I … Continue reading The Outlandish Sunday of The Walking Dead

An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

This came from a reblog courtesy of the Toronto Public Library's Tumblr, but the original came from a Tumblr belonging to Kate Willaert. I linked to both her home page, with the graphic below linked to its original source. Why? I wanted to get in the mood for next week. While Canada gathers around to … Continue reading An Infographic to Set The-Walking-Dead Mood

Midweek Geekiness: Halt and Catch Fire

I started the week with George R.R. Martin's Wordstar computer, continued with the Brother AX-15 typewriter, and I might as well continue with more nostalgia. However, this piece of nostalgia comes with a social media twist and a Hobbit connection.  It's time to talk about Halt and Catch Fire: I actually had to look up … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Halt and Catch Fire

Warning: Long Winded Post Ahead

This is just a short post to warn readers about the long post ahead.  Seriously, read it on your coffee break if working.  Bring snacks.  It's not often one sees a show before it premieres this Sunday, but AMC put the pilot for Halt and Catch Fire online.  I try to keep things at 500 … Continue reading Warning: Long Winded Post Ahead