Midweek Geekiness: Halt and Catch Fire

I started the week with George R.R. Martin’s Wordstar computer, continued with the Brother AX-15 typewriter, and I might as well continue with more nostalgia. However, this piece of nostalgia comes with a social media twist and a Hobbit connection.  It’s time to talk about Halt and Catch Fire:

I actually had to look up what the title means.  To ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ means a CPU ceases operation, or as Dictionary.com put it:

Click for Link Credit:  Dictionary.com
Click for Link
Credit: Dictionary.com

The 1983-set show follows the quest of three people as they reverse engineer an IBM computer.  If you think Apple/Windows keeps an iron grip on its technology, from seeing the pilot IBM set the stage for legalities.  Of course it wouldn’t be a drama if the visionary, the engineer, or the computer genius decided not to do it.  If I have to choose between Silicon Valley, the new HBO series following a set of techno-geeks behind a start-up, and this one…I would take the retro series hands down.  Why?  I think this calls for headers.

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