Around a Neighbourhood On a Warm Summer Night

I got the phone call at work from a friend of mine, “If you’re not doing anything, coming over for a glass of wine.”

“Yes,” I answered, drawing out the word.

I hopped on a number 16 as it grew packed with commuters wanting to go home.  The day may have started cloudy, but it turned bright and warm later in the day.  Of course, this was the day I forgot my sunglasses.  I pulled out my phone, checked Twitter, checked Facebook, noted the increasing crowd on the bus, strategically got up to allow my seat mate off, got the window view, and the bus gets even more crowded.  The bus driver called for people to move back, but I agreed with the passenger who replied they went back as far as they can.  As the bus advanced down Osbourne, it slowly begins to empty.

Winnipeg seems to emerge from hibernation more and more as the temperatures get warmer.  Winter seemed to drag on, and the Winterfel/Game of Thrones jokes grew stale.  My friend and I did have that wine, along with a little sushi, as we shot the breeze about everything.  Later we went to The Banana Boat, one of the popular places for ice cream in the city.  People walked, licking cones or spooning sundaes.  Going there and back, I saw people out on front porches and backyards.  They talk and laugh.  They feel the breeze on their face, revel in the comforting warmth of the evening.  It’s the kind of evening the humidex seems non-existent.  If it’s 26 then it’s truly 26, not 35 with the humidex.  Winnipeggers want to know what the true temperature as it may say 26 degrees celsius yet the most slender person feels like bacon frying in a pan.

It’s a great day to end the week, along with an ordinary post after a trip down technology’s memory lane.  I sip my morning coffee knowing the laundry will not do itself, no matter how hard I wish it.


One thought on “Around a Neighbourhood On a Warm Summer Night

  1. I love how wonderful the weather is, now, too! Maybe summer is finally here. (fingers crossed 🙂 ) Looks like you had a lovely evening with your friend. One question: where is the Banana Boat? When I saw the picture, it looked a little like the Bridge Drive-In, then I noticed the sign. I love those traditional ice cream places. 🙂


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