Canadian Library Month Gets Inspired

It’s Canadian Library Month in October. Libraries put on displays and programming to highlight the important role libraries have in society. I changed my header for the blog to reflect this year’s theme Libraries Inspire.  The Canadian Library Month website will collect stories about the impact of libraries on people. In an age of information overload, libraries can offer a place to gather the best and credible, with a space to process and collaborate.

Therefore for the month of October I changed my header to the images used in the Canadian Library Month poster. Sadly I had to crop a few things, but below is the full banner:


With a city election coming soon to choose a new mayor, funding still proves a major issue for libraries. It’s not just about the collection, everything from books to databases, but about the people inside. Libraries try to find the best people to staff desks, and help users. To an immigrant, a student returning to post-secondary for the first time, new parents, or the elderly the staff give ideas and help to get that novel or find that article. Most of all they may provide the first time a question does not seem stupid, or simply heard. Without those moments between staff and users, a library simply looks like a building full of stuff. We have enough of those sorts of spaces. It time to remember a space holding an incredible amount of meaning.

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