It’s Time to Read: All Systems Red — Readers’ Salon (Repost)

Dear Readers, would you believe I’m worried? I’m worried about whether or not I can sell you all on a sci-fi novella in which the main protagonist is called Murderbot. Oh, and did I mention the cover looks straight out of the video game Halo? Not that I’m against sci-fi, novella’s, or things named Murderbot … Continue reading It’s Time to Read: All Systems Red — Readers’ Salon (Repost)

Honey, I Blew Up My (Public Library) To-Be-Read Pile

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm with good intentions, and poor time management skills, will end up taking all the books she took out back to the public library before her fine gets over 25 bucks.That bookworm is me.I get reading droughts, those long stretches of having 57 books and yet feeling like … Continue reading Honey, I Blew Up My (Public Library) To-Be-Read Pile

Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!

Last Friday I posted this tweet: The college felt like a tomb. The summer students had a little break, and we had one as well filled with projects. At some point too much quiet still feels too much. My job description has many things, but priority numero uno revolves around helping students and staff. … Continue reading Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!

Inspired Doing: Canadian Support Staff Day 2014

People ask me what I do. I reply, "I work as a library technician at a college." They respond, "But I thought everyone working in a library is a librarian."  I patiently explain it's not the case. We have clerks, those with on-the-job experience, I have a diploma in Library and Information Sciences from Red … Continue reading Inspired Doing: Canadian Support Staff Day 2014

Canadian Library Month Gets Inspired

It's Canadian Library Month in October. Libraries put on displays and programming to highlight the important role libraries have in society. I changed my header for the blog to reflect this year's theme Libraries Inspire.  The Canadian Library Month website will collect stories about the impact of libraries on people. In an age of information overload, … Continue reading Canadian Library Month Gets Inspired

The Curiosity Business

Today marks Library Support Workers day in Canada.  For those who don't know, it's the third Friday of October usually marked by well-wishes in the library.  (Hopefully, also marked by food as it always goes well with said well wishes.)  For those in need of something official, have a look at CLA President Pilar Martinez's proclamation … Continue reading The Curiosity Business

Blog Spotlight: Readers’ Salon

I read a lot of library blogs by librarians, but Reader's Salon represents an entire library system.  The contributor all work for the Winnipeg Public Library system, with each voice as unique as the selected topics . Why call it a 'salon'?  Isn't that for hairdressers?  you ask.  Actually, a salon once meant as Merriam-Webster … Continue reading Blog Spotlight: Readers’ Salon

Reverse Psychology, or Satire?

Last week the city of Winnipeg announced 8 libraries will finally get new buildings.  It's not about closing libraries, it's about closing older buildings, some lacking access for the physically challenged, and reopening them in 14,00 square foot facilities.  For once talk of rebuilding libraries instead of reducing them.  The Winnipeg Free Press reported the … Continue reading Reverse Psychology, or Satire?