Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!

Last Friday I posted this tweet:

The college felt like a tomb. The summer students had a little break, and we had one as well filled with projects. At some point too much quiet still feels too much. My job description has many things, but priority numero uno revolves around helping students and staff. My bibliographic session appointments will pick up as well. Last week the new Education Assistant program intake had their bibliographic session. They start in early August, with a new one in Mid November. A number of programs work that way.

Today it’s blast off time. I had a number of students taken on tours, each with a short spiel on the library, the services, and the hours. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” I said to students, their eyes not quite glazed over, but still jamming as much as they could in memory before the work begins.

On my work to-do list, I have a new task team. My library does these work teams on various subjects. It’s a way for both campus libraries to work together, swap ideas, and keep things consistent. I have done Skype, conference coals, and more emails than my fingers thought they could type. Lots of things are still up in the air, but nothing a staff meeting this week can’t solve.

All sounds exciting doesn’t it?

It’s hard to couch ordinary moments with a narrative. If I try I sound melodramatic, Anything else sounds boring. I decided to take a third way and write things as they are not how people want them to be. I had a look at Twitter today, this time searching under the college name for mentions. I saw a number of selfies with hopeful smiles. The students feel nervous yet bubble with excitement over the process.  It makes me bubble with them as the halls fill up, my antenna detecting students needing help. In the end it’s not a superpower this job I do. It’s really a blessing to wake up, looking forward to what the day brings me.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!

  1. We met, oriented, and pre-registered about 7500 students this summer, so I’m definitely not feeling relieved they’re back — more like now that add/drop is over, relieved my calendar isn’t quite so clogged. But I really enjoy the orientation phase — everyone’s so full of hope.

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      1. It varies from campus to campus. We started 8/24, so we just finished the second week. In Wisconsin I think that there’s a law that colleges can’t start before Labor Day so as not to disrupt the tourism (college students work in a lot of those jobs). A bunch of people’s college-age kids in my facebook feed are starting Tuesday …


      2. The two major winnipeg institutions start the week of the 7th. We stared technical the same time you did, but the first first week of classes happened August 31st.

        Let the count down to midterms begin…


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