A ‘Stranger’ At the Library

When a book gets adapted, I look the title up at the Winnipeg Public Library site to see if it's available or its current status. If the book title involves Richard Armitage, double or triple that curiosity. I took a peek at Heads You Win by Jeffrey Archer, a sliding-doors-esque novel with 37 copies and … Continue reading A ‘Stranger’ At the Library

Honey, I Blew Up My (Public Library) To-Be-Read Pile

It's a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm with good intentions, and poor time management skills, will end up taking all the books she took out back to the public library before her fine gets over 25 bucks.That bookworm is me.I get reading droughts, those long stretches of having 57 books and yet feeling like … Continue reading Honey, I Blew Up My (Public Library) To-Be-Read Pile

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Great News Armitage Well Wishers!

When a new Richard Armitage project gets announced, the first question coming to mind, besides will he ever film a movie in Manitoba, usually involves will I get to see it as a Canadian? Berlin Station? Superchannel and that's only after season 1 long since aired. Brain on Fire? As said by SueBC, Netflix has … Continue reading Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Great News Armitage Well Wishers!

DIY Searchers And The Nearest Library

Note Time to bring this blog back to its roots. October is Canadian Library Month, and it's time to talk libraries. Let's start with when does self-taught end and 'pulling a Hermione'-running to the library-begin. Futher Note I want to make 'pulling a Hermione' a thing. I had periods the self-taught way to learning proved … Continue reading DIY Searchers And The Nearest Library

Libraries Change But Still Matter

Not a day goes by when I hear: We can Google everything so why bother with a library. Aren't libraries getting obsolete? I have no time to use library resources, so I Google. You guys must hate Google, uh? Any variation of all the above and more. I get it. Google can spit out results … Continue reading Libraries Change But Still Matter

Remember What I Said About Picking On Libraries?

Decisions are all about the information presented and if you say a place has 'too many libraries,' consider it throwing down a gauntlet. In this case, picked up brilliantly by this librarian: “SASK HAS TOO MANY LIBRARIES” SAYS MLA. “SASK HAS TOO MANY MLAS” SAYS LIBRARIAN. #SKPOLI #SAVESKLIBRARIES #YQR #YXE  

Unpacking the Dumb

“With the internet, people are using E-readers — they’re not going to the library to buy a book; they’re getting it online. A lot of libraries that they belong to give them some free e-books as well, so I think that is the the future of libraries across North America,”-Don Morgan, Saskatchewan MLA Believe it or … Continue reading Unpacking the Dumb

The Last Decent Person in Washington

Just a word of warning. I tried opening the red, full-story, bar and got nowhere. The original source is the New York but even this excerpt from Longreads gives people a glimpse into Carla Hayden and the work she does at the Library Of Congress. (One of the holiest of holies in the library world … Continue reading The Last Decent Person in Washington

It Needs Saying and Sharing


Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!

Last Friday I posted this tweet: https://twitter.com/stacksandranges/status/636885795266162688?lang=en The college felt like a tomb. The summer students had a little break, and we had one as well filled with projects. At some point too much quiet still feels too much. My job description has many things, but priority numero uno revolves around helping students and staff. … Continue reading Let’s Stop the Music for Now: The Students Are Back!