Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Great News Armitage Well Wishers!

When a new Richard Armitage project gets announced, the first question coming to mind, besides will he ever film a movie in Manitoba, usually involves will I get to see it as a Canadian? Berlin Station? Superchannel and that’s only after season 1 long since aired. Brain on Fire? As said by SueBC, Netflix has purchased the rights but nothing in Canada as of yet. At least we finally, FINALLY got Pilgrimage. Regarding The Man From St. Petersburg by Ken Follet from McMillian, the latest audiobook with promises of *swoon* Mr. Armitage showing his verbal faculties in speaking Russian, I poked around my local library website. The mission, the one I chose to accept, see if Winnipeg Public Library has a possible preorder, either a CD or an Overdrive MP3.

Long story short…HU-FREAKING-ZZAH!

No audiobook but something better, something those with Hoopla will settle down with their favourite snack on a given night…Sleepwalker is available on Hoopla. The film was shot in 2016, I think, and never got a wide release, not even my local movie theatre showing more artistic fare. I heated my supper, sat down, and cast the movie to my television (thank you Google for the Chromecast.)

I have thoughts about this film, they flow like that diaphanous nightgown Ahna O’Reilly wears in the movie. (I have opinions about that too.)  If your library has Hoopla, and includes movies in their package, celebrate access to Armitage thanks to our public libraries and have fun!

3 thoughts on “Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Great News Armitage Well Wishers!

  1. I’ve been meaning to get out my trusty library card and check out Hoopla, ever since Servetus mentioned it. That’s so cool that Slerpwalker is there. Must check it out!


    1. It costs them money. All they have to do is limit loans to five per month. Gah! Now if only Audible can give libraries a motherfreaking break so they can use their services.

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