Honey, I Blew Up My (Public Library) To-Be-Read Pile

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a bookworm with good intentions, and poor time management skills, will end up taking all the books she took out back to the public library before her fine gets over 25 bucks.

That bookworm is me.

I get reading droughts, those long stretches of having 57 books and yet feeling like nothing to read. Lately, it’s starting, stopping, starting, stopping, repeat, repeat, repeat. I decided to take the pile back, taking out my bookmarks, and shoving them through the book return slot.

1478970391Among the notable returns, Dana Schwartz’s memoir Choose Your Own Disaster, which makes me a sadist or a person willing to overlook the foibles of a twenty-something millennial as she snarked stated Ocean’s 8 needed a name actor, like Chris Pine, not a *checks tweet*:

forgettable, no-name actor play the would-be villain/love interest



Two Guesses who that might be:




screen shot

The book really does structure itself as a Choose Your Own Adventure with going from page to page with each choice, like life as people cleverly stated as if they were the only generation to read the books. (Honey, I was in junior high in the analog ages when they first came out.) I read them the way I read all the others, primarily in chunks, sometimes skipping around. One thing I learned from the reviews-do not read it on a Kindle or other tablet, the format does not loan itself well to ebook.

At the moment, I am not ‘reading’ per se, more like listening to a story read to me. On my Audible app, a reading streak on anger, beginning with Rebecca Traister’s follow up to All the Single Ladies called Good and MadI did start a novella series by Martha Wells dubbed ‘The Murderbot Diaries,’ with the first book All Systems Red.

Speaking of the no-name, forgettable actor slash partner in another universe, he turned me on to Joy Ellis’ mysteries, and I DO NOT read many mysteries. After listening to Lost Daughters, I went and bought the books with the intent of passing them along. Ellis can unwind a mystery with precision while making her characters more than plot advance points on a map. Jackman and Ellis, voice not withstand, are their own people with their own take on solving a crime. There’s also an impressive support cast as well, some may remind you of quirky people in your office. Nice job, Richard, it’s like you played reader’s advisor to me and, yes, I purposely wrote ‘turned on.’ 


For now, better stick with what I have at home, the mournful copies saying ‘readme’ in various piles.


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