It’s Accountability Time

In July I wrote a few goals as part of Blogging 201. So how did I do? I can take one approach and write ‘failed miserably’. Overall not so bad. I just need to adjust some goals to make them realistic. Here’s the semi-stream-of-conscious report.

Goal 1: Visit more blogs and comment on them.

I did this task in earnest. I helped out one blog needing another eye, while I did post a couple of comments. It’s like dating with the more blogs I see, the more I comment.

Did I mention I am still single?

Music Monday posts written and scheduled for the month of August.

I almost fulfilled this goal. I did map out the Mondays for the month of September. I began to look at some months to find songs that fit.

I notice an influx of sad songs. I will need to spread them out.

Goal 2: More pictures! In fact show off Winnipeg over my holidays in August. The city isn’t perfect, but it does have lots to offer.

One idea picked up from Blogging 201, besides branding, calls for my blog as a hub. They use Tumblr as an example of another site as a showcase for experimental writing. WordPress remains ‘home base’ so to speak.

I write a lot of Tweets lately, and I began using Instagram as well. I call those sites the spokes on my wheel. Have a look at my sidebar, or feel free to follow one of those sites. (Twitter can let you know if I have a new post as well.)

Goal 3: Unrelated to my blog: Revise my NaNo project. Tear it asunder then put it back together.

Not even close.

Goal 4: Write fearlessly. Zero in on Authenticity.

I still write with hesitation. Will people stand another post about an actor/show/movie? What can I write about libraries not written before? I have these two among many questions in my head. They say the only way to deal with fear involves doing the thing anyway.

Goal 5: Post three times a week in total.

Working on it. I will carry over this goal.

Goal 6: Set an editorial calendar for the next 90 days

I..can’t…seem….to….plan.  Wait, I can plan just take things slow. I went into my Google calendar and populated things like “Music Monday” without specifying what songs as a start. (It’s a bonus if I put in something.) I did the same for book talks (tuesdays), and a new feature I will unveil for Fridays. (It’s both a surprise and an experiment)

I keep telling students as they search materials to start general, then start drilling down to specifics. How about I take my advice?

Goal 7: Revisit these goals on September 1st

After running a few errands after work, I went by the Millennium Library to have a coffee. From The Human Bean (the main floor café) I went to the second floor terrace:


It’s a cozy nook in an urban centre while overlooking the green space recently added to the library. I snapped pictures for Instagram, then made a rough draft of this post on my phone.

As the cool breeze joined me on the spot, I gave a gentle once over of the goals. So there will be change. I just learned things happen slowly, and in my time.

One thought on “It’s Accountability Time

  1. Passing on heavyhanded advice on from my dissertation advisor, when I said, “but hasn’t everyone said all this already?” Answer: only YOU can write YOUR dissertation. Mutatis mutandis: only YOU can write YOUR blog.


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