It’s Time to Read: All Systems Red — Readers’ Salon (Repost)

Dear Readers, would you believe I’m worried? I’m worried about whether or not I can sell you all on a sci-fi novella in which the main protagonist is called Murderbot. Oh, and did I mention the cover looks straight out of the video game Halo? Not that I’m against sci-fi, novella’s, or things named Murderbot (as long […]

via It’s Time to Read: All Systems Red — Readers’ Salon

Fatima’s Note: If you’re a Winnipegger, especially a Winnipeg library user, and not subscribing to this podcast, please do so it’s well worth it. I know one of the people involved and I yelped hearing they will tall about this book. The novellas in this series currently number at four and I have read the first one, the rest sit ready to devour. Great reading for reading by a lake, on a patio with a cold drink, or on the beach.


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