After the Hiatus

June 28th was the last time I sat down to write something. Over the last three months my patience felt tested with this injury.  I had to pull out of the 10, 10, and 5 event not sure if walking 10 K would aggravate the injury.  Even my doctor wondered if I have a herniated disk, and not even know it.

After he muttered those words I hyperventilated.  I then did what any self-respecting nerd would do:

I researched.

It also lead me to the downside of looking up the condition as people put out their most extreme stories on the internet.  I think those that got better just picked with their lived, careful with their activities to not get re-injured.  I pretty much accepted caution, along with patience, will be lifelong companions.

It feels great to sit and write.

I yanked the Investor’s Group 10,10, and 5 in favour of The Walking Dead.  I now have to take another look at my goals.  It still feels great to write again.

In the middle of recovery, I got a new job in the same organization employing me.  I work in another library with more student interaction, plus room to flex my strengths, and bust my comfort zones.  I love it!  Yes, some students can try a person’s patience.  I consider those the 2% of the overall population.  I focus on the ones working hard, juggling their studies and life, and in some cases sacrificing quite a lot to return to school for something better.

Yes, sign me up please.

I also read like a fiend.  I read in between physiotherapy-proscribed exercises either on my back or stomach.  I read on my tablet, most of the time it’s a hard cover book balanced in my hands.  So many Book Talk subjects waiting for their day in the blog.  Where do I start?

Right now I break my silence; Meanwhile my back, or whatever the heck is going on, says “times up!”  It begs for rest, to walk around, all the while reminding me to keep things in perspective.  I can still move.  Now I hope to sit for just a bit and write.


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