Baby, It’s Cold Outside

What’s a Winnipeg winter without a cold snap.

Image from

The best I could do for the above image is link to the original source, but I really want to know who drew it.  It’s quite funny, but the comments under it are even funnier.  Among my favourites:

  • I was about to say – “come to Norway, and I’ll give you winter”. But then I checked your weather forecast. Now I approve.
  • I’m Australian and just checked your weather forecast. It’s my winter temperatures with a minus in front, how are you still alive?

No surprise I love this one:

  • Ever since I read Game of Thrones I like to pretend I’m a member of the Nights Watch.

I have to admit the second character looks like a cross between Ned Stark and Thorin Oakensheild.  (I think it’s the fur-lined jacket/direwolf combo) Nothing like ringing in post number 200 in typical Canadian fashion by talking about the weather.  It’s not just those days Winnipeg resembles a snow globe.   The biggest battles comes during those fierce cold snaps, the kind prompting people to think twice about getting groceries. Suddenly that snack before the next Netflix film doesn’t seem so important in comparison to frostbitten digits.  Even milk and bread get a second thought.  Funny, water suddenly tastes good as dinner.

I stopped off for some gas for the car rented last weekend.  I took off my gloves for a moment to better feed my card to pay for the gas.  Two of my fingers froze in a matter of seconds, both also taking a long time to defrost once inside my home. The rental comes in handy for certain weekends with a lot to do.  I can bus it with the best of them, but occasionally treat myself to a new car, an audition if you will.  Well, the Nissan Versa failed its winter audition.  Lovely little car, lousy in the winter, but it got my friends and I to breakfast in St. Boniface.  The collective relief in having a car lead to conversations about that other battle in the winter.

It’s the one between the elements and the mind.

Despite going to bed before 10 pm, I still feel tired.  I want to sleep.  When I wake up my brain wants to sleep some more.  A cup of coffee doesn’t feel like enough, I need a caffeine IV line to follow me all day.  In between winter inertia or full-blown cases of S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the need for carbs takes a ravenous turn.  I want muffins, toast, hash browns, cookies, and chips.  I want to develop my some winter lining around my hips, then watch something on Netflix preferable starring Warm Thought #1 (Richard Armitage, North and South) or Warm Thought #2 (Jeremy Renner, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters).

Plus the dry air makes it hard to breathe sometimes.  I noticed it at the beginning of my library orientation with the Education Assistant Certificate students.  I gasped for breath at the beginning of my session.  I may talk a mile a minute in my enthusiasm, but it felt different this time around.  I have run in these sorts of winters, never feeling any effects of winter asthma.  This morning I felt like a drowning woman.

While winter provides plenty to moan about, it’s good at slowing things down for a reflective pause.  I changed the background for my blog, now it’s time to change the direction content wise. More library related entries, but also some pop culture stuff as well.  Sometimes the two intersect like how a search about Jeremy Renner in EBSCOhost lead to teaching someone how to search for a PR pioneer Ivy Lee. (Stay tuned.)

For now it’s tea and watching Sherlock on Netflix for the umpteenth time.


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