And Now a Word From Our Writer

I have done a bit of reblogs lately in between some sporadic writing.  Basically I have taken to the 80/20 rule as I did a bit of housekeeping, including adding a new blog to the Library Blogs/Website page. Plus I boldly stepped up my tweeting.  (Not easy for a wordy woman such as myself.)   Keep your eyes peeled for a twitter feed widget as I not only retweet some interesting stuff, but offer my thoughts in 140 words or less.

In keeping with Midweek Geekiness, I can say I submitted a question for Richard Armitage’s interview with The Hobbit UK site.  I did one on Twitter with the #AskThorin hash tag, and one for Facebook.  I am realistic of my chances for my ‘book’ questions to get a video reply.  At least I can say I tried.  I would rather try 50% of the time than score 100% on the chances I don’t take.


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