Sunny Days…oh..Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Days

I came of age in the 80’s, but I think much of my musical tastes come from the 70’s.  It’s the side effect of having a nine-and-a-half year age difference with my brother.  He had all the greatest hits stuff from K-tel, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, lots of ABBA on LP and 45’s, and Queen’s News of the World.  Not only did it have We Will Rock You/We are the Champions, it also had the freakiest album cover.  It scared me yet fascinated me at the same time:


Image Credit:


This was the inside once the album folds out

Image Credit: FastEddie’s Wax Museum

As the sun finally shone around Winnipeg, no giant robots I assure you, A-ha did not pop into my head.  (I nearly got the feeling the sun REALLY did shine on TV the way the cloudy weather stuck around.)  No the tune and chorus, the one inspiring the post line, came from a 70’s band called ‘Lighthouse’:

Trust me this tune will stick in your head for DAYS!

I have my capri pants on, a few more layers off, and the morning air carried with it the promise of a mild weekend.  Even the mood on the streets of Winnipeg carried a buoyancy as I spotted hints of billowy sundresses under light jackets.  Let’s face it Winnipeg Weather can change on a dime.  I look at Environment Canada, the Weather Network, and look outside.  People may believe Google for research, but they always seem to fact check if it comes to the weather.

I admit feeling like I just emerged from hibernation.  I thought the winter sleepiness dissipated, but a bit stuck around.  May be I needed to wear my capris, and liberate my toes by wearing sandals.  I did do a wise thing by getting a pedicure.  I needed something to kick off the season, and a good aesthetician can help.  I chose a nice shade of pink called ‘uncharted’.  I have a theory someone didn’t want to just call it some-shade-of-pink before decided ‘uncharted’ sounds more sophisticated than oh-heck-I-can’t-decided colour.

More of these days please.


One thought on “Sunny Days…oh..Sunny, Sunny, Sunny Days

  1. Great song! During the late 70s, I was in college and the music of the day was always playing at clubs and the radios in my dorm. While I grew up with the music of the 50s & 60s, the songs of the 70s are closest to my heart. 🙂


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