The Big, Hairy Project

The writer’s group I mentioned self-published chapbooks of their work on occasion.  The collection usually centres around a theme, and in January we decided on a fun, challenging one:

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


Yes, Big Foot.  Why this creature of legend and fuzzy photography?  (Although I can assure you we have clear proof of his existence..or her?)  Well, the following found themselves written to death in other places:

  • Zombies
  • Vampires
  • Aliens
  • Fairies (May be not enough)


I wrote the preface, and have to polish a story by tonight.  I have seen the other stories in the collection, each with its own voice and fresh take on the big guy.  In addition we have some excerpts of real-life sighting courtesy of the X-Files of our own Fox Mulder-Chris Rutkowski.

Keep an eye here for the latest news on its progress.  I can say we are close, like really close.  We will have a launch, and we have discussed electronic formats.  In retail I remember the old saying ‘under promise, over deliver.’

Stay Tuned.


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