Manitoba Libraries Conference Recap

The Manitoba Libraries Conference happened last week.  While it ran from May 12-14, I could logistically go for one day.  If you read this blog, and attended other sessions, leave a comment.  If you wrote about a session in your own blog, leave a link and earn yourself a ping, or its equivalent.

About That Session I Wish I Attended

I did hear positive feedback about a session I didn’t attend, but really wanted to.  The session entitled What To Do With a Library Technician Diploma garnered 30 attendees, with a panel of Library Technicians from a variety of fields including law offices and records management.  If I have one hope for this session, especially for the new crop of students in the program, it’s to think beyond the big three:  Academics, Public Libraries, and Schools.  I do not discount the right-place-at-the-right-time rule.  However to get to that magical place, it requires a lot of hard work.  It means having information as part of the post-graduate arsenal along with determination and a level head.

Now without further ado a recap of the Manitoba Libraries Conference.  I left out Nora Young’s (Spark, CBC Radio) keynote since it needs some reflection and its own post.  Look for that next Monday.

2 thoughts on “Manitoba Libraries Conference Recap

  1. Hey Fatima! I attended the What to do with you L.T Diploma seminar, and was listening with both ears wide open. It was great to get a better perspective on the available jobs out there. I attended two apps sessions, my first book blitz, as well as listened to how the Selkirk Library was developed – very interesting. I also attended the session on the current state of rural libraries – interesting topic, great discussion with the attendees, but the speaker wasn’t very informative, and went off on a few tangents. One of my favourites was one of the last ones- on Librarians as social activists. I think you would have liked it! Thanks for filling me in on some of the sessions I missed.

    The whole conference was such a great experience, and it was cool to see you there.:-)


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