The Long Weekend Mix

After a week filled with conferences, I will publish on Monday, it’s time to kick back and procrastinate catch up on a few things.  Currently in my ears music from an app called rdio.  People can listen to it for free from a laptop, or pay a small fee and have an app stream music from a tablet or smart phone.  It’s Netflix for music, coming in handy if one does not have the cash for every.single.purchase.

Lately my tastes have leaned towards all things 80’s.  I just played Debage’s Rhythm of the Night while I grooved around my kitchen:

Then it snowballed into a bouncy tune from all those noon hour dances:

Before I know it a few hours have gone by with nothing accomplished.  Then again it’s the long weekend, the first one of summer, taking things slow should happen.  It’s the first pleasant day we had in quite a while, so I did some puttering before heading out for ice cream.  Behind me as I write, Captain American:  The First Avenger just started, and that means Richard Armitage will appear shortly, looking dashing and dastardly as an undercover operative.  (Sadly not for S.H.I.E.L.D er…wait a minute..the sequel pretty much blew everything out of the water.)

Wherever you are I hope there is a glass of something cold, good tunes, and don’t forget to savour the moment.


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