Spring Blooms and So Do My Allergies (With a Bonus Observations)

“What are you doing here?” asked my co-worker, genuinely concerned with my watery eyes and persistent sniffling.

“It’s allergies not a cold,” I answered.

On Friday I noticed the trees begin to bud around Winnipeg.  Unfortunately my allergies decided to bud as well, leaving me with a nose feeling like a wad of cotton balls shoved up its sinuses.  I popped a pill before proceeding with the rest of my day.  While you read this entry, I will be at the Manitoba Libraries Association Conference.  Speaking of the event, I have to emphasize the ‘Libraries’ part of the Manitoba Libraries Conference.  Yes, we do have a Manitoba Library Association, a group made up of kick-ass librarians, from the academic to the special to the public.  However, the library also has the help of the Manitoba Association of Library Technicians, another kick-ass group of people, along with MAHIP (Manitoba Association of Health Information Professionals), and so much more.  I know some of these people and they worked really, really hard to put this together.  I, for one, will raise a glass of something in their honour and health.

Meanwhile back at the college…

The college itself now feels a little quieter, although intercession courses begin this week.  Thanks to a heavy head, I come home to flop on my couch, while my place increasingly look messy.  Other times I pull out my tablet or my journal.  I notice my handwriting getting harder and harder to read as I get older.  I want to write my thoughts and ideas yet my hand can’t keep up.

In my storage area I have a few surviving journals, while I have notebooks ready to get filled.  I really like moleskin journals for their portability, the ribbon marker, and the elastic closure.  Usually I write about my day, a few times I scribbled some ideas like a possible character or line of plot.  I don’t do character bios like someone familiar to a few people:

Photo Credit:  A.J. Hartley.net
Photo Credit: A.J. Hartley.net Hmmm…I would love to see what he wrote about Ophelia and Hamlet’s relationship


Writing plank-busting challenge #1598 involves not over-thinking anything.  It’s why I wanted to live blog Game of Thrones on Twitter as a way to see it and just write it (Also, quite a bit of fun for the commentary of others.)  Simply put:  Observe and write.  Just put the darn words down.

Speaking of putting things down, in 140 characters, I will tweet from the conference @stacksandranges.  Don’t forget I have a Twitter sidebar if it interests anyone.  For now it’s time to hoist the sails, and see what world we may discover.

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