Library Types: Assemble!

That’s right, folks, we assemble starting today. However, I will be there tomorrow. For now enjoy this entry from staff of Winnipeg Public Library.

Readers' Salon

This week, librarians and people who work in libraries are gathering at the Delta Hotel for the Manitoba Library Association’s 2014 Conference. The Manitoba Library Association (MLA) provides leadership in the promotion, development and information services in Manitoba for the benefit of MLA members, the library and information community, and the citizens of Manitoba.

mlc%20logo%202014_0The MLA typically holds a conference every two years, and it is an excellent opportunity for people to get together who may not see each other in a regular day’s work. You’ll get public librarians talking to school librarians, academic librarians smiling across the room at special librarians, circulation assistants having lunch with cataloguers! Dogs and cats living together! It’s going to be CRAZY.

The Winnipeg Public Library has a number of staff presenting at the conference this year, and I’m lucky enough to be a convener for one of the sessions. We have an hour-long time slot…

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