Rolling Merrily Along

After the rambling/rant in the earlier post, we return to earth a little lighter than before.  I had a look at my countdown widget, in 9 days I will attend the Manitoba Library Conference.  I still have to get my ticket for the 50th Anniversary Mixer for the Library Technician program at Red River College.  Actually it’s the 50th for the day program and 25th for the School of Distance and Continuing Education at the College.  The program is unique as it accepts only 30 students, day program-wise, every two years.  The distance ed program allows people already working in libraries to take classes while still at their jobs.  Yes, things can always get better.  However, as I read about the states at least we in Canada get some training.  I look at programs like this as a foundation for a career.  Some things instructors can’t teach like interpersonal relations.  Again, we get some groundwork while the rest we get from experience.

The academic year finished yesterday as students wrote their final exams.  For some they handed in their last project, on the last day, before heading off into the unknown.  I found myself very carefully handing out encouragement. It was not long ago I found myself in the same boat.  I adjusted the metaphorical sails, readying myself for the long voyage.  I didn’t know where I would end up, and I actually turned down a job.  I learned if my gut has fluttered to get my attention, I better listen to it.  I remember the last time I ignored my instincts, and I decided to hone my intuition.  It’s not solely about the money, although I would like food, shelter, and clothing.  It’s about doing work I enjoy, and I landed somewhere I truly enjoy.  As the library quieted down, with one student I knew studied for a special exam to get a license selling Financial Services, I felt a little pang.

My regulars, the ones in their second year, have left.  I actually missed them.  I even miss the ones I sometimes told to take their cell phone conversations outside.  Seriously, I do.  I think people forget in post-secondary institutions we deal with flesh-and-blood people not intellects housed in bodies.  It’s hard to leave things at the door, and for many students they sacrificed  A LOT to get back into school.  For older students, those not used to technology, it’s dealing with new versions of software, or even doing the things generations behind them already do in their sleep.  For the younger set, it’s remembering machines take their time.  I noticed a correlation between a really, really important task and time dragging its feet as the computer logs in.

Despite most programs ending this week, I have a busy week.  I have a bibliographic session this week with some EAL (English as an Additional Language ) students.  The students belong to a program preparing them for Canadian post-secondary institutions.  My colleagues did sessions with past students, and from what I heard it’s a lot of fun.  Although I had a good time facilitating sessions with day-program students.

Merrily things roll along the best I can do them.  It’s all we can do.


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