Staycation: The Shorter Work-Week Sequel

I am trying to write more. The journal I had before contained the notes from every phone call to dad's nursing home. Every time the gave up his medications, food, and water are noted. The entries got shorter as my mind spiraled during the early days of the pandemic. Sadness and anxiety tugged me further … Continue reading Staycation: The Shorter Work-Week Sequel

Operation: Cafe Fatima

What does a girl, er woman, do when her province leads north america in COVID cases? She gets her ass moving by finally getting rid of the carpet that came with the balcony of her condo. The work was postponed while my building was getting its trim painted. I clearned my furniture and hauled it … Continue reading Operation: Cafe Fatima

Hard Reset

When a computer gets frozen, and the task manager isn't doing anything, sometimes you need to press the button and shut down everything. It's called a hard reset. Vacation 2020 is my hard reset. Dad died on April 27, holding my hand as he took his last breath. Many people have remarked about this year … Continue reading Hard Reset

The End (Of The Academic Year) Is Nigh

This academic year, I learned a new word applying a series of changes happening around me at work: change saturation. It means so much change has happened, in short bursts without room to absorb, you can't do it anymore. I put my vacation request as soon as the call went out to start thinking about … Continue reading The End (Of The Academic Year) Is Nigh

A Music Monday With No Music And Other Musings

My Monday in an image: No, I didn't stay up late watching the Oscars. I found out about the Best Picture debacle live on Twitter. Mistake numero uno, too much screen time. I wanted to see what song would the award, and I hoped Oscar did not go to 'City of Stars.' People talk about … Continue reading A Music Monday With No Music And Other Musings

Rolling Merrily Along

After the rambling/rant in the earlier post, we return to earth a little lighter than before.  I had a look at my countdown widget, in 9 days I will attend the Manitoba Library Conference.  I still have to get my ticket for the 50th Anniversary Mixer for the Library Technician program at Red River College. … Continue reading Rolling Merrily Along