A Music Monday With No Music And Other Musings

My Monday in an image:


No, I didn’t stay up late watching the Oscars. I found out about the Best Picture debacle live on Twitter. Mistake numero uno, too much screen time. I wanted to see what song would the award, and I hoped Oscar did not go to ‘City of Stars.’ People talk about how the hummable tune, the whole old-Hollywood vibe, while I thought the song bored me to tears after giving it a listen. Sometimes the one who wins does not mean it’s the best one. In the case of ‘Moonlight’, this beautiful film deserved its accolade.

In the end, I called in sick, popped a Tylenol and limited my screen time. I don’t know if these headaches get aggravated by weather, smartphone screens, or caffeine. Why not deal with the two out of three I can handle?

Off screen, I write premises and jokes for my end-of-session cabaret. I have points and punchlines, and now I start to string a routine together. It’s scary and exciting. On some level, the ‘Finding Funny’ class banishes the winter blues away. I remind myself of the off-the-cuff quips during class presentations. I can get a laugh and to get it, remember to let go and let it flow. In the meantime write like a mofo goes the saying.

I also have blog posts in various drafting stages. I can’t even say their half-baked, more like they have the raw ingredients, including one about a film that just begun shooting in Winnipeg, one of many to take Winnipeg as a stand in for a US city. (Toronto does not have that Midwestern look, and Calgary can only fake for so long with Fargo.) Once that used to scare me, but now I look at it as a way not to twiddle my thumbs, wondering about a topic. I wouldn’t say writing got easy, far from it, just less intimidating. In the end, it works when it works, and when it doesn’t, we learn and move on.

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