Music Monday: I’m Afraid of Americans By David Bowie

Over the weekend between errands and general lollygagging, I confirmed Berlin Station had made it’s way to Canada, a piece of good news. Bad news, it’s on iTunes, and I use a Chromecast. It’s another headscratcher for Canadian viewers as one show from a network, like Graves, can end up on Google Play while another show can end up on iTunes, Netflix, or another streaming service.

At the other end, who cares? It’s fresh a Richard Armitage work, and I rationed Strike Back: Origins to tie me over. The credit card said, “We’re good. Go for it” and I did. For the uninitiated, Berlin Station centres on a CIA posting subjected to leaks by ‘Thomas Shaw,’ an Edward Snowden-esque figure Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) tries to uncover over ten episodes. While the handsome bloke got me into this show, the rest of the cast kept me in it. Each show opens with the highly fitting theme by David Bowie. The CIA tries to play nice with other agencies, and vice versa, but nobody wears a white or black hat. Everyone from Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins, Six Feet Under) to Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes, The Killing) gets layers of grey.

I already wrote about the show in an earlier post. I managed to get the first two episodes leaving me to test my patience in getting the rest. Unlike Homeland, it’s not all about the ISIL, and can I say thank heavens for that! From 24 onward, it’s another terror cell, and sometimes I get the feeling American television has no other story to tell about the intelligence community except the bomb-plot-variety. This show took pieces of it and turned it on its head. In the end, even the Americans have cause to fear themselves.

The show has renewed for a second season on the fledgeling Epix network in the US. In a post-Trump American, the song takes on new urgency as people seem to say, “I am afraid of those Americans in the White House right now!” In fact here is a representation of the writer’s room right now:

I don’t envy those guys

Final Thoughts On The Show

  • It’s true what they say, sometimes people ignore what falls into their lap. In Daniel Miller’s case, it’s ‘who.’
  • Nope, doing ‘it’ against the wall still doesn’t do it for me.
  • My nickname for Esther Krug is Mata Hari 2.0.
  • Anyone who either worked or currently works, in a dysfunctional office will find so many parallels here.
  • So many underrated actors in this series including Leland Orser, a guy I first encountered in Aliens: Resurrection and then ER.
  • Ha! The only bit of nudity comes from the guys. About time! Even the strip club scene put the female nudity blurred in the background. It’s a long way to equality but it’s a start. Normally it’s the reverse.
  • Regarding Daniel undressing Mata Hari 2.0, I did have a case of the vapours. I also had the Yowzas until the wall then….nope not my thing, vapours disappeared.
  • I know some people don’t like Hector but Rhys Ifans has been stealing scenes since Notting Hill. I think Mr Armitage has stepped up his game here.
  • Oh, man, season two with a president undercutting an intelligence community in the states will make for some great drama.
  • The smirk is back! Repeat! The F-U-I-win smirk is back!
  • The exchange between Esther and Daniel during the second post-coital scene, with Armitage both turning on the sass and the sexy at the same time. *Thud!* (How old am I again?)

As this is still a Music Monday, here’s the piece de resistance below.

6 thoughts on “Music Monday: I’m Afraid of Americans By David Bowie

  1. Can’t you also load iTunes on your computer, though, and set up an account? The only cost is for the show itself.
    I haven’t bought it yet so I’ve still only seen the first two episodes. But I will buy it soon with a gift card I got for Christmas.


    1. I already had an account so that’s how I watched it. I set my computer up on my coffee table. Normally it’s on the dining room.


      1. Don’t worry about apologizing. I wondered if I wrote an awkward sentence after reading your comment. Yes, I saw the whole thing. Plan to re-watch it again from the top.


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