Finally A Shared Article With Full Text

In the early Facebook years, 2007-09ish, I find an article to share after reading, reading it again, then thinking ‘I must share this!’  The shareable features in WordPress allow me to do the same thing for both Twitter and Facebook.

Good thing too in regards to the woman at the centre of this article from Brooklyn Magazine, by way of Longreads. I met Roxane Gay like so many people did, through her writings online. The essay referenced “What We Hunger For” takes a seismic moment in her life, weaving the reflection through Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. While I sound like an utter fangirl, think Phil Coulson and the way he interacted with Captain America, her honesty and intellect makes me think. I admire her as a woman and a writer, someone making meaning and sharing it. Like it or not.

This week, a number of people heard of Roxane Gay for the first time when Simon & Schuster canceled its plans to publish controversial alt-right author Milo Yiannopoulos’s book — but her success has been building for a long time.

via ‘I Still Live in a Small Town That I Hate’: Roxane Gay’s Perspective on Her Success — Longreads

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