Manitoba Libraries Conference Recap

Conclusions from a Tired Brain

I kept a few notes and my ears remained open.  Even this post only represented a fraction of what I heard and saw.  Hopefully, I did it justice.  May be some people will research leisure reading collections in academic libraries or alternative forms of reference services.  Perhaps it may prompt reflection on how to serve all users, perhaps already seeing barrier to start removing.

As a social person, I talking to library technicians and librarians.  I get to see people from earlier work places.  I also get to see people I just see at conferences, and we just pick up where we left off.  I do go to these events knowing an army of people worked very hard to put this conference together.  Next time the call comes for conference volunteers, especially on the organizing side, it’s time to pay it forward.



2 thoughts on “Manitoba Libraries Conference Recap

  1. Hey Fatima! I attended the What to do with you L.T Diploma seminar, and was listening with both ears wide open. It was great to get a better perspective on the available jobs out there. I attended two apps sessions, my first book blitz, as well as listened to how the Selkirk Library was developed – very interesting. I also attended the session on the current state of rural libraries – interesting topic, great discussion with the attendees, but the speaker wasn’t very informative, and went off on a few tangents. One of my favourites was one of the last ones- on Librarians as social activists. I think you would have liked it! Thanks for filling me in on some of the sessions I missed.

    The whole conference was such a great experience, and it was cool to see you there.:-)


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