Midweek Geekiness: Alternapeg Book Launch Recap

Tody I feel tired yet happy. Alternapeg, the second anthology from my writer's group, Off the Wall, held an intimate gathering to launch the book at McNally Robinson Booksellers. Each of us read snippets from our stories to whet the appetites of readers. As usual I felt full-on nervous. At least I brought a pen, … Continue reading Midweek Geekiness: Alternapeg Book Launch Recap

Off The Wall Goes AlternaPeg

Take seven people of various ages, all ravenous readers, and stoked imaginations to spin 'what if' tales in prose, poetry, or tweets about a prairie city in Canada; Add one editor and a whiz with the book covers to produce the latest offering from the Off The Wall writer's group. Introducing..... Just like In the … Continue reading Off The Wall Goes AlternaPeg

Off The Wall Moves Forward On Its New Project

Off The Wall, my writers' group, just met this past weekend to discuss plans for our next venture. We have written, right now we are polishing, and we have an idea who things will get structured. On my end I have a story to polish as best it can, and fix up my preface for … Continue reading Off The Wall Moves Forward On Its New Project

Off the Wall Offerings: Kindle release and What’s Next (Confirmed)

 In the Woods is Now On Kindle! After converting our file to an ebook-friendly format, In the Woods uploaded to Kindle this week. The book retails for $3,99, and the cover photo links to the Amazon for easy browsing/purchasing. Off the Wall still has copies of the paperback version for $18.95, and at last count … Continue reading Off the Wall Offerings: Kindle release and What’s Next (Confirmed)

Off The Wall News and What’s Coming Next

Yesterday, I met with my Off The Wall compatriots for the first time in nearly three months. After the launch of Into the Woods, summer scattered us to cottages and holidays. We came back together to get a handle on our anthology, and to plan another one. Yes, we will have another. This time we … Continue reading Off The Wall News and What’s Coming Next

In The Woods has launched!

Here’s Susan Rocan’s summary of Off The Wall’s book launch of In the Woods. This is what taking one’s time looks like.  😉 Susan also published two young adult novels set in Canada’s past.  Check them out on her website with a chapter sample from Withershins.


Yesterday, my writers group and I launched our third anthology. The first was called Sex Death and Grain Elevators, because any story told about the Canadian prairies supposedly needed all three ingredients. The second was called, Where In The World Is Carmen Manitoba? which contained stories about aliens and UFOs because in the ’70s the town of Carmen was the home of Charlie Red Star, a strange red light that traveled the highway into town, attracting UFO hunters from all over the continent.

Off The Wall presents In The Woods is the title of our latest collection of fiction, poetry, actual sighting reports and photos of the elusive Sasquatch. The book was self-published using the Espresso Machine at McNally Robinson Booksellers. The Espresso Machine is a wonderful new invention that creates a book for you in about five minutes, right before your eyes! The machine, located right inside the…

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In the Woods Launch Recap

Normally I recap other people's book launches.  I remember Chadwick Ginther's two book launches for Thunder Road and Tombstone Blues, marveling at how collected he looked at the event. I felt like a jangle of nerves, despite assurances from my group it's friends and family.  Among the group are two people (Susan and Chris) experienced … Continue reading In the Woods Launch Recap

The Big, Hairy Project Has a Launch Date

A little while ago I mentioned an upcoming anthology of writing centered on Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  I am pleased to say the book gets closer to print, and the bouncing, baby anthology has a launch date:   I feel both proud and a little freaked out.  It takes a lot to put something like this out, and … Continue reading The Big, Hairy Project Has a Launch Date

The Big, Hairy Project

The writer's group I mentioned self-published chapbooks of their work on occasion.  The collection usually centres around a theme, and in January we decided on a fun, challenging one: Sasquatch. Yes, Big Foot.  Why this creature of legend and fuzzy photography?  (Although I can assure you we have clear proof of his existence..or her?)  Well, the … Continue reading The Big, Hairy Project