Off The Wall News and What’s Coming Next

140160476013331Yesterday, I met with my Off The Wall compatriots for the first time in nearly three months. After the launch of Into the Woods, summer scattered us to cottages and holidays. We came back together to get a handle on our anthology, and to plan another one. Yes, we will have another. This time we will do an ebook. While putting together the physical book proved interesting, and educational, ebooks allows a little more flexibility on format and colour pictures. We are working on getting Into the Woods into an electronic format, with hopes of launching later this month.

As for our next anthology, we have a theme. Now to write with the theme in mind. A writer’s group is only as good as the variety of people in it. We have a some already published, others published in academic journals, and those not published-yet. I can say this experience finally broke down a wall in my creativity. Suddenly, I meet a blank screen with less fear. When NaNoWriMo rolls around on November 1st, it’s with a few under my belt, with the mistakes I made in time and words, that will get me to 50,000, and a draft to revise. Those are my two goals.

The next set of goals revolve around this blog. I started it in 2011 as a sort of sandbox after my Introduction to Creative Writing course ended. I wrote about a lot of things, but I seem to do best with pop culture, writing, and libraries. My life only comes in if related to any of those things, most of the time it’s pretty ordinary. Most people say ‘boring’, but I prefer ordinary. It means going to work, filling the creative well, and hanging out from time to time.

Today I keep my tv shut while I catch up on laundry, and try to outrun a possible cold/flu. The weather feels unseasonably nice here in Winnipeg, but the germs don’t know it. Keep your eyes peeled for future off the wall developments.

2 thoughts on “Off The Wall News and What’s Coming Next

  1. It’s been a while since I popped in to your blog, I am afraid to say. I do like the new look, much brighter and inviting header. Thanks for the shout-out. I will post mine later this week, since I just got back into the ‘swing’ of blogging after a 4-month break. 🙂


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