Off The Wall Moves Forward On Its New Project

Off The Wall, my writers’ group, just met this past weekend to discuss plans for our next venture. We have written, right now we are polishing, and we have an idea who things will get structured. On my end I have a story to polish as best it can, and fix up my preface for the collection.

If you can’t hear it, I am buzzing with excitement. We have new people. I read really cool poetry. I see a talent in the making. It all makes me happy-Snoopy-dance:

The meeting also put fresh wood into my creative fire. Sometimes I write, or do anything, and I think when will someone discover I am a fraud. I recall the words said by one member so long ago to me. “Fatima,” she said “You have stories in you waiting to come out.” I don’t see this person at the meetings as she now lives out of town. (Thank heavens for Facebook.) Those words stayed with me all those years before rejoining this crew.

The stories coming out of us will go from alternative history to dystopia to all point in between. The bonus? It’s all set in Winnipeg. If Georgia can have its Zombie apocalypse, we can have have the chaotic undoing of society in Manitoba. We still have copies of In the Woods available on Amazon kindle or in a hard copy. (See the Off the Wall page).

As for me, and the next project with the group…it’s time to take my NaNo project and make it happen. I pecked at the draft, and now it’s time to stop pecking and start pulling. I already decided to age down the characters and recast a few things. The premise feels right, and it say ‘we want to move forward.’ I only do as the muse commands. The group has heard about it long enough, and it’s time for them to start seeing it unfold.

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