The Coding Saga: Half-Way Point

It’s week 5 of the 10 week course. I have part B of my design document to work on, and my Autobiography Page will submit as of this writing. Before tackling our final assignment, it’s a small one to apply what we learned. The verdict as I did it? Some things stick, others require poster tape for the mind. I managed to do a CSS style rule for my header. After wondering why my header suddenly vanished, I took a closer look.

I put a backslash in the wrong spot: /style vs. style/.

One. Dumb. Little. Thing. Welcome to writing code.

I have learned some of the things learned during my library tech program are not obsolete with HTML5. Things look smoother, makes more sense, and it almost seems more democratic not esoteric. It makes me look the underpinnings of websites to see what works, what doesn’t, and what still runs pre-HTML5. In the end do not ask me to set up a web page for you. It takes skill, the kind I don’t have at the moment, and don’t know if I will. I do respect those making a living from web design, especially designing for people with no idea or not enough to respect doing the work. I can speak some of the language, and know the impact of information architecture. The rest involves listening. No attribute for that skill.

Oh, I have a quiz. Great task for a person not very good at testing. I test alright, but I prefer projects, assignments building one after themselves. All those multiple-choice-measured things, even after studying, helps in me in no way or fashion. I know it’s just for some data-driven idea of how well as student will do, or does, in a course.  I live with it and move on.

Like now.

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