Music Monday: Weird Science By Oingo Boingo

The 80’s had big hair, and bands with weird names. Last week we had a song by a band with a repetitive name: Duran Duran. Let’s go from the repetitive to the rhythmic.

Oingo Boingo got its selection for a lot of reasons. Let’s start with reason number one-Danny Elfman. He’s the name behind some of the biggest music scores around. A few months ago I learned Brian Tyler would score Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, Elfman also provided some of the music, and took Alan Silvestri’s original score, gave it a twist for a musical cue about the heroes in the new movie. Silvestri’s score gave a sense of individuals coming together, Elfman gave us a team as a cohesive, and heroic, union:

Before giving a musical voice to films like Batman, Danny Elfman helped shape the sound of Oingo Boingo. They had a few top ten hits, but one particularly stood out:

I saw this movie on VHS as a teenager. Weird Science tells the story of Wyatt and Gary, two unpopular guys deciding to create a hot woman as a way to boost their status. I want to give the reader’s digest version of the movie as its more than that sentence. It’s not just a raunchy teen movie, not with John Hughes writing and directing it. Yes, THAT John Hughes. He not only wrote and directed The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink, he also showcased some up and coming actors. The obvious ones are Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez, and Anthony Michael Hall. Look closely at Weird Science and see the up-and-comers of that day.

Weird Science has two notable actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe-Bill Paxton and Robert Downey, Jr. Pretty In Pink features one of many iconic roles from Ultron himself. You want to see scheming without the vibranium? Go rent, or find on Netflix as kids do these days, James Spader in Pretty in Pink.

On a sidenote as I thought of the 80’s movies and Marvel, and wanted to lobby for another addition. We had Spader, of course Downey, and I propose none of than:

True Fact: Dempsey wanted to play Dr. Strange

Why not have an 80’s trifecta with Patrick Dempsey on board? Out goes the medical scrubs, in comes a nice,dark suit as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Come on, Marvel, make it happen. The Avengers are like The Breakfast Club without the Saturday detention.

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