What I Do In Between Writing and Fangirling

Behold my (work) life for the following few weeks:

weeding project
Say hello to my book fort

My laptop, coffee, and me live on the other side of the many piles. School has finished, and for libraries it means summer or project time. (Technically it’s spring, but we don’t quibble in Canada.) My colleagues pulled books too long on the shelf in what we library folk call weeding. It makes us sound like gardeners.

Weeding has many layers. It’s not just the book’s age, it’s how long since someone took it out, or looked at it in-house, and whether it warrants a place on the shelf. For some books, and some of the writing books fall into this category, it’s a needed resource. Even before it gets a classic designation, it has to go through a process.

The picture shows the end part of the process. I delete the records from inventory, the books get de-processed (stickers taken off etc), until finally ending up on a table free for the taking. (Remember, every book has a reader.) The tallies on the board stand for number of books deleted from inventory. I already did over 200 in two days.  It involves no sentiment as I zap books through the scanner, then click the mouse to finish the process. These books have to go, and new ones do take their place. Thanks to ebooks even more take their place.

As this post landed on Thursday, an update on the coding saga. I am doing well as my Autobiography page received a nine out of ten. Not bad for a not-an-absolute beginner. The CSS will take some work. Sometimes I get the syntax, and sometimes I have this big question mark over my head. I will take some of those elements to revamp my About page. The blog needs a little refresh, but my theme will remain the same. All of it will happen after my course finishes with some major projects coming down the line. This course only lasts for ten weeks, and I am on week six. I look at the to-do list to sing that familiar refrain: It will get done.

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