Time to Breathe

Saturdays involve coffee, reading some of my favourite blogs, and thinking about what to tackle first in my home. The kitchen and bathroom look equally messy. The heap of clothes on the bathroom floor may give that section a victory. Last night I vegged. I had nothing much planned, opting to watch Interstellar with a glass of Cono Sur’s Pinot Noir. The film was fine, the wine fell out of my favourite list. It’s fine, and it went well with my meal, but I guess having other pinots refined my palate.

On my imaginary to-do lists, another wine run ranks pretty low. I need my faculties to finish some things for Off the Wall, make up my grocery shopping list for this week, and simply relax. Unlike other Canadian weekends, all equally either busy or lazy, this one marks the first of many long weekends. After working parts of the Victoria Day long weekend for many years  I treasure having an uninterrupted amount of it.  Of course this is Canada, do we get sunny, warm days? Well:

May 16

How about a little from column A and a little from column B. It’s sunny with a few clouds, my windows are open, and everything smells fresh. In about a nanosecond that will change. I look at the clouds to see what looks fair-weather white, and what has the making of a dirty-cottonball sky. Last year in July, I sat watching a Twitter feed about the Avengers cast at the San Diego Comic Con while thunder rumbled overhead. I sat on my balcony as any day with warmth is better no day with warmth.

About Interstellar…it’s not bad. Unlike Inception, Christopher Nolan’s latest film didn’t turn my brain inside out. Quite a surprise as it had physics woven through out its plot. I guess unlike Inception, this one had a bit more of a plot. It tells the story of one man leaving his family, to go on a mission to help save a dying human race. The earth has a crop blight, and it starts to effect crop after crop from okra to corn. This earth had no more space exploration, just people regressing into farmers than exploring the stars. The film had this tinge of reality about what the future might look like, and for once I can stand Matthew McConaughey. (I can stand him in small doses. He could be without his shirt, and I still need small doses.)  I

Hmm..out of coffee. Need a refill for the day ahead.

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