Music Monday: New Moon On Monday by Duran Duran

Why not have a Music Monday selection with ‘Monday’ in it?

Long before One Direction, in my case it feels much longer, teenage girls went ga-ga over Duran Duran. Everyone had their favourite, and mine was Simon Le Bon. Listening to their albums now, I wonder what Simon smoked to write some of his lyrics. Some of the songs simply don’t make sense, but I still bop around my home as if it’s 1985. I have a thing for cerebral Brits, and Simon Le Bon was my gateway drug.

I feel a little nostalgic. One of my high school friends re-connected with me on Facebook, and it sent me down memory lane. Although it feels like a cul-de-sac with what I can remember. I had good times in junior and senior high, in fact I choose to remember those good times. The other times in a weird way toughened me up. Everyone liked makeup, clothes, getting drunk, and getting boys. At least it felt that way at the time. I remember this one girl in my geography class grilled me about my party habits, in front of the class, then proceeded to make fun of me, again in front of the class. Where was the teacher? It’s 1986, he was there the doing nothing. Another lesson learned at the time: Some teachers are inept and enabling.

For the next few Music Mondays, we will travel down my memory cul-de-sac, ending June 1st. A nice little series to give me a theme to work with for a limited time.

Without further ado here is Duran Duran with New Moon on Monday:

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