Avengers: Age of High Expectations

Forget Ultron, The Avengers’ real enemy takes on no form, but can mutate quickly. Its name is Hype. Early reviews on the film confirmed people waited to pick it apart a little more in comparison to the last film. It’s darker, but complain about being too dark. They complain about Black Widow, but they at least like what happened to Hawkeye. It looked cinematic, but a little too blockbuster-y. I read one person compare some of the sequences to the Transformer films. Did you see the female characters? All played by actresses and not Victoria Secret fashion models. (Did you see the second one? Megan Fox looked like a thespian compared to the replacement-love-interest for Shia LaBeouf.)

I have already read reviews saying the films are ‘bloated’, UK’s The Guardian ‘entertaining nonsense’ , among others. The articles appearing about the films collapsing under its success,  or speculating about Joss Whedon’s feelings with optional quotes, says to me the cycle has begun. It starts with massive success then the quibbling. In pop culture journalism a fair amount of quibbling happens, especially by those not really into the superhero genre. (See this article by Dana Stevens of Slate.) It reminds me of Peter Jackson and The Hobbit movies. Remember when people praised him from the high heavens during the Lord of the Rings trilogy, then turned around for the past few years wondering if he turned into George Lucas during The Hobbit Trilogy? It’s funny as a reader to be careful of following the corporate line, but feel a hard sell coming from those straining to be contrarian in articles. Here is Fatima’s simple guide to the hype: expect, watch, be realistic. This troupe of Avenger actors have other projects to enable a different kind of movie experience.

From the clips I seen it promises one thing and one thing only I will have a good time. I will get off work, have dinner, get my 3D glasses to see what Stark fouled up this time. (Plus Mark Ruffalo in his cuddly Banner best.) It’s summer movie season. It’s a time for popcorn, air-conditioned theatres, and escape. I don’t like Pina Coladas or getting caught in the rain. I want to enjoy a little Marvel, come with me and escape. (Sorry can’t resist. Blame James Gunn.)

Let’s answer a common question shall we? How many times will I see it? Not as much as last time I hope. I know V will come to town just in time for her birthday. I figure Olive Garden and finely-formed archer would make an excellent present. I can deliver on Olive Garden at least. The actor playing the archer,however, would prove difficult to declare at the border. No matter how many times, it’s all about paying some money to escape for a few hours. Yes, some big studio pockets the spoils. I also know when to withhold the spoils, as do other fans, to say ‘enough is enough, try again.’ For now go forth and have fun.

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