The Coding Saga Continues: Now I Know What Some of This Stuff Means

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I create using visual most of the time. I started to notice the code in HTML mode as I embedded rdio tracks or Youtube. I already had images, or other such items, and I noticed the coding arrangement. Beyond paragraphing, bold, and italics, plus some headers, codes for arranging images had no concept to me. I like using the visual mode, but what if I want to take things to another level? What if I find myself on a work team to design a new library page. (A woman can dream. Plus this will happen sooner than ever meeting Richard Armitage.)

Last week, I had to present two websites similar to the one I will design as my final project.  The final project will have a homepage, 4 separate pages, and those pages will each have a page. I wanted to do my own geek hub similar to Professional Fangirls and The Mary Sue. In a class full of women, with one guy, I represent an outlier as a geek. I presented 9th after presentations on crafts, family webpages about the Duggars and another family named Bates, and pages on construction after two women will design sites for their husbands’  contracting businesses. It’s all part of Part A of my design document I muddled through as my first task in the course.

I had to adjust my expectations for the course. I expected coding, but the design document boggled my mind. I also need to silence the educator in my head. It’s the one whispering about learning styles, course structure, and other things. I quietly tell it to mutter in the corner. Before the final assignment, I will create a bio page. I smile at flexing some new found skills.

First, I need that educator’s voice to go to its time out corner.

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