Midweek Geekiness: Alternapeg Book Launch Recap

alternapeg CoverTody I feel tired yet happy. Alternapeg, the second anthology from my writer’s group, Off the Wall, held an intimate gathering to launch the book at McNally Robinson Booksellers. Each of us read snippets from our stories to whet the appetites of readers.

As usual I felt full-on nervous. At least I brought a pen, unlike last time as my usually stocked purse had not one colour. The next time I attend an event for a major author, I will keep in mind under the calm exterior, each person feels like their heart beats from their throat.

The page for the latest release will go up sometime this weekend for those wanting a print copy, or digital. The group will work on another project, but I will take a breather to fine tune my work for a while. I got the best education about pagination, fonts, and what goes into publishing work.

I also have a supportive group of people. In between writing, we talked about our lives, our struggles, with imagination providing a way forward. It’s funny, people believe fantasy provides an escape. I believe fiction helps manage reality. The book will never die as people read to escape yet find something to help them through some part of life.

The launch also proves a beacon for people believing it’s too late to write. Nope, not true. As we get older, we learn to ‘play’ a little more rather than do the opposite. People want express themselves. I hope you enjoy this collection, and we will in turn support those one day needing encouragement.

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