Coming Up For Air I: Being Okay with the Deficit and Beating Back a Cold

Let me illustrate how I felt on Friday after staying home sick on Thursday:


A sharp uptick in students asking for tissues meant something had gone around. I had a strange taste in my mouth, and I know it meant something had invaded. The troops turned aggressive with my energy zapped, my body temperature elevated, and my bed feeling damp like I had quite a night for someone sleeping alone. I called on Friday and added the following to the voice message, “Swab everything I touched.” The long climb to the end of term has begun. My reserve stores near the empty mark.

I did not doing ANYTHING up until today. I read books to keep my brain occupied, but writing my NaNo project had to wait. My shaky start turned into a deficit. On the other hand, I reminded myself it’s not about the bragging rights. It’s about laying down a discipline, and one to carry on beyond November. On the Distance Ed class, the second Medical Terminology assignment looks 85% completed, with more terms slowly making their way to memory.

The Medical Terminology course leads to my Winnipeg Zombie project for NaNoWriMo. On one hand, I want to write about a woman killing walkers as a way to embracing self-care.  (Sounds loosey-goosey I know.) On the other, who would figure out how to off the things than someone working in a medical setting.  I have a chance to make headway to tomorrow with my Monday off.

Last year, I took a day off around Remembrance Day. It helped me stay on track, and now I hope it will get me on track. Other than lunch with a friend (thank heavens that will remain on), it’s to the library to write.  Sticking around downtown Winnipeg will help me figure out what will go to hell in case of zombie catastrophe.  Will here be a Darryl-like character? Honey, I am from Winnipeg. I grew up with guys like Darryl and *gulp* Shane.

Now to make my home a little less chaotic.

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