Coming Up For Air II: Better Late Than Never for A Goal Account

You remember, remember the fifth of November and you’re not even English. However, you forget, forget the goals you have set.  It’s foggy like the weather in Winnipeg right now, but nothing turns too late.

Let’s have a peek:

Continue National Novel Writing prep

What prep? We are off and running with what we have.

Start going to the Y twice a week

*Sigh* I need to stop overthinking and pack my gym bag.

Drink water

Something I have improved on in the past few weeks. The Fitbit app provides space for inputting water, and seeing the amount keeps me drinking my required amount.

Continue Music Mondays for the Blog

A little lag, but still going. I have a list of songs to feature.

Do an editorial calendar two weeks ahead to (again) start small

Give me time. At least I have a few days ahead.

Read more and Netflix less

This area had big improvements. Despite four hundred titles on my list, I clicked off the TV to read a book. I enjoyed my rewatch of Marvel’s Daredevil for its excellent plotting and characters. Besides Charlie Cox fills out the John Romita-inspired costume VERY NICELY. *ahem*

Image: Pinterest and that’s only the front view

November/December Goals

The first weekend in November, I walked into a Home Outfitters to buy some new bed sheets. The doors opened in their Star-Trek manner revealing a font-and-centre display of Christmas lights. I used to work in book retail, and anyone working any retail can tell you it takes some years to undo holiday fatigue.

I decided to combine November and December to build in down time before the hurly-burly of holidays. However, I like writing and notice getting better at it with a little help from Grammarly.

  • If I can’t hit 50,000 for NaNo then at least get within 10,000 words with my project.
  • Begin revision on my last year’s work
  • Write more short stories. Let’s start with two
  • Brainstorm ideas for blog posts for last part of 2015 to 2016
  • Finish strong in my Medical Terminology course
  • Entertain more at home
  • Two more blog posts apart from Music Monday

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