Off the Wall Offerings: Kindle release and What’s Next (Confirmed)

 In the Woods is Now On Kindle!

After converting our file to an ebook-friendly format, In the Woods uploaded to Kindle this week. The book retails for $3,99, and the cover photo links to the Amazon for easy browsing/purchasing. Off the Wall still has copies of the paperback version for $18.95, and at last count we had less than 20 copies left.

We learned a lot from writing and publishing this anthology. It’s one thing to write the stories, take the photographs, and compose the haiku. It’s quite another to take all those pieces and format it for e-book, or an Expresso Book Machine. The result for this process: Priceless.

What’s Next for Off The Wall?

We liked doing theme anthologies so much, we’re doing another one. This time we will go the e-book route, and we already have a theme:

Dystopian Stories

Look for details as we edge closer to our proposed Spring 2015 publication. In the meantime I hope people have enjoyed our collection, and feel inspired to get together with a group, and do one of their own. Why? It’s a bit like being in a band. We jam together, then go off to make our solo albums, and then come together again. It’s a way to keep the creative pump primed.

What Do You Think?

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