The Big, Hairy Project Has a Launch Date

A little while ago I mentioned an upcoming anthology of writing centered on Bigfoot/Sasquatch.  I am pleased to say the book gets closer to print, and the bouncing, baby anthology has a launch date:

Into the Woods


I feel both proud and a little freaked out.  It takes a lot to put something like this out, and writing only covers part of the process.  We had to format the manuscript, we had one person editing it, another do the leg work during the day to bring the cover over, and we had the son of one of our group members design a fitting (and I may say) awesome cover.  I only scratched the surface of how blessed I feel to find this group.  We are a diverse group of people, and these are the most encouraging and patient people I know.  I had a great time reading the stories and real-life case accounts, and I hope people pick up the book to have a good time.

See you in the woods.



Launch of ‘In the Woods’ by Susan Rocan

6 thoughts on “The Big, Hairy Project Has a Launch Date

      1. Sorry, behind in my blog reading. Me? I have the holiday time, but not the funds. It’s a no for me. I would have loved to seen it. I studied it in high school, and I liked that play better than Death of a Salesman.


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