The Great Vacation Countdown Begins

Seven more sleeps until vacation.  Just typing those words makes me giddy.  While I do enjoy my job, it’s time to recharge the batteries so to speak.  I get 20 days with my new job, and I don’t say this to rub it in faces.  In the beginning of my library tech career, I had vacation days.  I also bounced from job to job, something many of the new grads do, and if I hear about someone juggling 3 part-time library jobs not an eye gets batted. During my bookstore years I did have holidays, usually two weeks, and I went part-time in my last job before finally gaining the coveted three weeks holidays. Time away from work feels precious and privileged.  You bet I worked hard for it.

I noticed my patience getting shorter, my sleep wanting to get longer, and my to-do pile (home edition) getting higher. I have a feeling many people either feel the same way, or will feel the same way as the time grows near.  Unfortunately I have no exotic, or lakeside, getaway.  I have a pool in my condo complex maybe I will take a box of sand and stick my feet in it.

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