A Vacation From My Vacation

Call it two parts vacation and one part unintended hiatus. My mom went in for surgery, nothing serious, on May 9th. I took some time off to take her to the hospital, stay with my 91-year-old dad, do some more physical household tasks around their house, some grocery shopping, and attended the college's annual PD … Continue reading A Vacation From My Vacation

Vacation Countdown 2: The Staycay From The Vaycay

Technically, my vacation begins this Monday. The countdown ran out at 4 pm today, a day already feeling too long to my anxious mind. At the moment, 6:50 pm according to the clock on my computer, a cool breeze balances out the humidity on my balcony. My day began with a bang as Winnipeg had an … Continue reading Vacation Countdown 2: The Staycay From The Vaycay

The Great Vacation Countdown Begins

Seven more sleeps until vacation.  Just typing those words makes me giddy.  While I do enjoy my job, it's time to recharge the batteries so to speak.  I get 20 days with my new job, and I don't say this to rub it in faces.  In the beginning of my library tech career, I had … Continue reading The Great Vacation Countdown Begins